I discovered this ad:

' http://www.neopets.com/refer.phtml?use rname=kaptainkrazykraig go there and make an account and activate it then let me know n I will go on cam n strip/wank/whatever you want me to for you! :P I'm 18, well toned with big boobs n willing to do anythin! sarah xx'

It was posted by her (It's an accurate description of her to be fair, if I wasn't related, I'd say she was very attractive but unfortunately that joy is lost by the whole 'ewgh related' factor) and I want to find out if she really is doing this. She can monitor whose made accounts and whether they've activated etc so if anyone wants to test it by doing it, be my guest. Let me know if you do and I'll provide her aim/msn address somehow. I'm pretty sure she actually would go on cam (wouldn't put it past her). I have no problem if you want to have cam fun with her, be my guest really, long as I find out if she is/isn't so I can make fun of her afterwards/blackmail.

Oh yeah, no pics I was just messing with you to waste valuable seconds of your life :)


2007-07-29 17:31:23 by Spoony-McSpoon

grab yourself a nogger bar this summer.


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